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51 50 A sACReD CeNTRe still a place of pilgrimage today in the early years of the new millennium, Glastonbury is still a sacred centre, a place of pilgrimage, and visitors are drawn here for a variety of reasons, often hard to define. numerous gatherings and conferences occur in the town every year with spiritual or esoteric themes, covering subjects as diverse as megaliths, crop circles, Buddhism, UFos, sacred geometry, yoga, earth energies, celtic christianity, and metrology. there are gatherings of druids, pagans, goddess worshippers, holistic healers and a major christian pilgrimage to the town and abbey every summer. Finally, of course, there is the famous Glastonbury Festival held in nearby Pilton. evidently the name of Glastonbury still holds a mystique which draws people from all over the world. How much of Glastonbury s story is fact and how much is fiction Did Joseph of Arimathea really come here from the Holy Land and establish the very first christian church in this place Was Glastonbury King Arthur s Avalon Was it really Arthur and Guinevere that the monks dug up in the abbey in 1191 Is the st Michael alignment proof that the ancients knew of ley lines and their associated telluric energies spanning england the truth or otherwise of all these ancient mysteries is something that each of us should decide. It is not something that one will necessarily find in the pages of this book or any other. It is best to come to Glastonbury, to linger a while, and let the magic of this ancient place speak to you itself.
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