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45 44 In the first years of the 20th century the church of england bought the abbey ruins at auction and began excavations there. From 1909 these were directed by Frederick Bligh Bond who made several remarkable finds including the base of a pillar marking the eastern limit of the old church, and a pyramidshaped monument which had stood directly out from the south door of the st Mary chapel. He believed this was one of two such monuments marking the position of Arthur s grave and that the pillar and these markers were significant points of Glastonbury s Foundation Pattern. the church authorities became alarmed when they heard of the interest in Bond s finds and the way in which he had supposedly been led to them. Being of a mystical disposition he had sought contact with the spirits of dead monks through mediums and by the use of automatic writing below. the apparent success of this spirit guidance encouraged him and his followers to believe they were on the verge of a major discovery perhaps even the Holy Grail itself. In 1922 Bond was dismissed from his position and the church authorities permanently excluded him from the Abbey grounds. bLIGh bOND s exCAVATIONs and the spiritual renaissance The Ad Triangulum left and Ad Quatratum right systems of integrated geometry which underlie the plan of Glastonbury Abbey after Nigel Pennick.
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