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33 32 The sT MIChAeL LINe a caduceus across the land During the 1960s and 70s John Michell published his research on a remarkable alignment of sacred sites along what he called the st Michael line. this straight alignment crosses southern england from a point near Land s end in cornwall to the eastern coast of suffolk passing through or close to several major sanctuaries dedicated to st Michael such as the church on Glastonbury tor, and those at Burrowbridge, Brentor, Roche Rock and st Michael s Mount. Besides these, the alignment goes through other ancient sites like Avebury Henge, the cheesewring rock formation in cornwall, carn Brea, st George s church in ogbourne st George, Royston cave and Bury st edmunds Abbey. It is the longest line across land that can be drawn through southern england and its eastern part coincides with the ancient track known as the Icknield Way. More than 20 sites, both natural and human made, lie exactly on or close to this line hardly the result of mere chance. It seems the ancients were aware of the st Michael line and that some artificial sites such as Avebury were intentionally built on it. In 1990 Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst published The Sun and the Serpent. this tells how Miller, starting in cornwall, had dowsed near the alignment and detected a strong current of earth energy which wound on either side of it. this male energy he called the st Michael current. they traced it across st Michael s Mount and other sacred sites towards Glastonbury. Later a female st Mary current was discovered, winding similarly across the country. Above St Michael s church on Burrow Mump resembles a baby Tor exactly on the St Michael alignment. Below the St Michael Line across southeren England. On either side of it wind the serpent like Michael and Mary currents of telluric energies dowsed and plotted by Miller and Broadhurst.
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