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19 18 The sT MARy ChApeL and its geometry the basis of glastonburys foundation pattern was recorded in Latin on a 14th century brass plaque now lost. It told of the coming of Joseph of Arimathea and his followers in the 31st year after the Passion of our Lord . Also of the dedication by Christ of the original church that stood here to his mother. It gave the dimensions of the Old Church as 60 ft by 26ft. The pillar on which the plaque was fixed was erected by St David 48 ft from the midpoint of its east wall and show ed its easternmost extent. In 1918 Bligh Bond wrote of specific messages from mediums relating to Glastonbury s foundation pattern. These told of a floor pattern in the Old Church with a central hub surrounded by the twelve zodiacal signs. These corresponded to the twelve apostles and the twelve hermit cells of St Joseph. Bond interpreted this with a diagram of a hexagon enclosing the Mary Chapel below left. A more satisfactory solution is offered by John Michell who has proposed an octagonal foundation pattern below right based on the dimensions of the Old Church and the existing Mary Chapel. Above The ruins of the Mary Chapel. Right 16th century illustration from Spelman s Concilia of the brass plaque once found on St. David s Pillar. Opposite Bligh Bond s hexagonal pattern and John Michell s octagonal pattern. The octagon is fixed by the two west corners of the Mary chapel. One of its two parallel northsouth chords passes through the middle of the north and south doors of the chapel and terminates on Bligh Bond s west pyramid . The other coincides with the east wall of the chapel terminating at one end on St David s pillar and at the other end on the suggested position of the east pyramid. At the centre of the octagon lies the original circular wattle church. This pattern can also be proportionately related to the layout of Stonehenge, built nearly three and half millennia earlier. PILLAR W. PYRAMID E. PYRAMID EAST WALL WATTLE HUT
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