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This book is dedicated to my darling Jan Many thanks to John Michell, Jamie George and Hamish Miller for their inspiration regarding the mysteries of Avalon. Thanks to Somerset Country Library, Bernard Chandler, to Dan Goodfellow for his artwork on pages 2, 5 5257, and Mahmoud Drury for picture research. Recommended reading New Light on the Ancient Mystery of Glastonbury by John Michell, The Isle of Avalon by Nicholas Mann, Glastonbury, Myth and Archaeology by Philip Rahtz and Lorna Watts, Glastonbury Abbey by James Carley and finally The Sun and the Serpent by Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst. Pictures are mostly credited where they appear. Plates have been taken from Frederick Rosss 1882 Ruined Abbeys and William Stukeleys 1724 Itinerarium Curiosum. While every effort has been made to contact image copyright holders, in some instances this has proved fruitless. If your work appears uncredited here, or you can help with unattributed pictures in any way, we aim to set things right in subsequent editions. contents Introduction 1 the Mendips 2 the Isle of Avalon 4 Glastonbury Lake Village 6 the Lie of the Land 8 Joseph of Arimathea 10 the old church 12 seven Holy Islands 14 the Disastrous Fire of 1184 16 the st Mary chapel 18 King Arthurs tomb 20 Arthurian Legend 22 the Great Abbey 24 the Power of the Abbot 26 Glastonbury tor 28 st Michaels on the tor 30 the st Michael Line 32 the Fall of the Abbey 34 Dispersal and Decay 36 Glastonbury town 38 Wells cathedral 40 springs and Holy Wells 42 Bligh Bonds excavations 44 chalice Well and Gardens 46 Astronomy and Geometry 48 A sacred centre 50 Glastonbury Walks 1 and 2 52 Glastonbury Walks 3 and 4 54 Glastonbury Walks 5 and 6 56 Timeline 58 Pomparles Bridge, connecting Glastonbury with Street, from which, misty legend has it, the sword Excalibur was thrown after King Arthurs burial on the Isle of Avalon.
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