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44 45 aCCeLerated evoLUtion genetic engineering and selfevolved code Humans are Gaias best bet for colonising the galaxy so far. Will we continue becoming ever more intelligent Or could memetic agents select against brains brawn can turn nasty on brains. Would we survive an asteroid collision Genetic engineering lower opposite may accelerate evolution in the nottoodistant future, creating enhanced lifespans, features and even subspecies. If we turn out to be not such a good bet after all, Gaia might try another trick. The eventual coloniser of our galaxy could evolve from some other source than apes dolphins, for example, opposite top. Evolutionary theory is used very effectively in the computer sciences. Dynamic programs spawn randomly varied children that are then selected for target behaviors. In this way robots effortlessly learn to walk in style, fly gracefully, or crawl and wriggle fast below, using evolved algorithms which no human has programmed. Man is still evolving and the future could take many directions. From ancestral ape to human may only be part of the story. Newly evolved or genetically engineered features may, in the future, create new species. Then again, mankind may be an evolutionary dead end, and it could be another species which later emerges from the global gene pool to colonise the galaxy. Beans Ferritin iron protein increases iron content destroys phytate to allow iron absorbtion adds sulfur needed for iron uptake adds beta carotene to form vitamin A Aspergillus fungus Metallothionin protein Wild rice Daffodil Phytase enzyme Above Transgenic rice, engineered to address the serious iron and vitamin A deficiencies in developing countries. 4 enzymes
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