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To all who respect life ... in all its many forms Thanks to Peter Spring for edits and suggestions throughout, to William Spring for graphics on pages 13, 15, 19, 51, 53, 55 and 57, to Chris Taylor for drawings on pages 17, 23 and 47, to Dan Goodfellow for illustrations on pages 11 and 45, to Matt Tweed for the cartoon on page 43 and to John Martineau at Wooden Books for supervising, editing and designing this book. Other recommended reading Blackmore, S. The Meme Machine. Oxford University Press 1999. Conway Morris, S. Lifes Solution, Inevitable Humans in a Lonely Universe. Cambridge University Press 2003. Dawkins, R. The Selfish Gene. Oxford University Press 1976, 1992. Dawkins, R. The Blind Watchmaker. Longman Scientific Technical Ltd 1986. Distin, K. The Selfish Meme. A Critical Reassessment. Cambridge University Press 2005. Darwin, C., Wilson, E. O. ed. From So Simple A Beginning. The Four Great Books of Charles Darwin. W.W. Norton Company Ltd. 2006. Gardner, J. Biocosm, Inner Ocean 2003. Gee, H. Deep Time Cladistics. The Revolution in Evolution. Fourth Estate 2000. Mayr. E. What Evolution Is. Phoenix Orion Books Ltd 2002. Rees, M. Just Six Numbers, Phoenix 2000. Ridley, M. Genome. Fourth Estate 1999. Ridley, M. The Red Queen, Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature, Penguin 1994. CONTENTS Introduction 1 Lifes Great Family 2 The Great Idea 4 Living Proof 6 The Unsung Monk 8 Chromosomes 10 The Book of Life 12 A World of Variation 14 Nurturing Nature 16 Epigenetics 18 The Red Queen 20 Speciation 22 The Migration of Genes 24 Initiation and Cooperation 26 Parasitism and Symbiosis 28 Kin Kindness 30 Sexual Selection 32 Convergent Evolution 34 Death 36 Mimicry and Camouflage 38 Its Impossible 40 Memes 42 Accelerated Evolution 44 Extraterrestrial Life 46 The Evolving Biocosm 48 Appendix I Prokaryotes 50 Appendix II Protists 52 Appendix III Plants 54 Appendix IV Animals 56 Appendix V Phylogeny of Life 58 Appendix VI Glossary 58 Above The great hope of many creationists is to find a human skull dated to an epoch which disproves the Darwinian theory of evolution. Not a single shred of evidence, however, has yet emerged from the fossil record which disproves Darwins basic theory.
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