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46 47 There is a line in a halfremembered song which recalls those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. It illustrates the effect of the Z sound in conjuring up the muzzy, fuzzy atmosphere of a hot summers day, when bees are buzzing, ones eyes are glazed and the mind feels dizzy, dazy, fazed, bemused, woozy and dowsy. From the heads of dozing, snoozing perhaps boozed cartoon characters issue the letters zzzzzzzz. The Z sound has a quizzical, zealously inquisitive air, apparent in words such as puzzle which looks a bit like a puzzle, quiz, tease and maze, or miz maze, which can make one crazy, zany or frenzied. The Z shape recalls the crooked pathway of a maze, also the crooked business wizard, by whom one is swizzled, chizzled and bamboozled. It is the shape of the zigzag flash of blazing, fizzing, sizzling, dazzling lightning in a blizzard. With this image come the words whizz, zing, zip, zoom and zap. Impressions given by the Z sound are of a person with zest, trying busily to escape from a maze, or of someone in a tizzy, dazed by a bizarre puzzle and gazing at it in amazement. Z L izzies always busy, dizzy, buzzing round like crazy. Ebenezers zonked and sozzled, dozy, dazed and lazy. Heres the quiz and puzzle if bamboozled and confused Do you zoom and sizzle or get hazy and bemused dazzled by the puzzle of the fizzle Sizzle or doze
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