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42 43 The shape of the letter W can be described as wavy and watery, and so can the type of motion it implies. In liquids it is an aqueous flow, as in swelling billows. In air it is of whisps of wool or down, wafted away, blown on the winds. Wavering is the state of mind reflected in the W sound it is weak, wet, weary, weedy, wobbly, wandering, woeful, wistful, willowy, wishywashy and querulous. The sense and image of W are depicted in a switchback railway. W hen the weather is wet and windy the wells overflow and waves of water wash over the weir. Wearing wellingtons we waddle through the squelchy swamp, wondering which way to wander, whether to wade or swim. W W allowing billows swirl and swell, willows wafted swish and sway, Willowisps and wraiths do dwell down that weird and watery way Where the wanderers wavering howl wreathes the wastes in clouds of woe, Where the wistful, watchful owl waits the hour of dawning glow. Through that swamp we sweat and swear, wondering which why what when where washed away by waves of water A watery walk Woes of the wayfarer
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