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38 39 In his essay on the Poetical Alphabet Mr. Blood amusingly illustrates the blunt, mundane effect of the short U sound U, gutteral, or flat, is a humorous savage, best described in his own words a huge, lubberly, blundering dunderhead, a blubbering numskull and a dunce, ugly, sullen, dull, clumsy, rugged, gullible, glum, dumpish, lugubrious a stumbler, mumbler, bungler, grumbler, jumbler a drudge, a trudge, he lugs, tugs, sucks, juggles and is up to all manner of bulls a musty, fussy, crusty, disgusting brute, whose head is his mug, his nose is a snub or a pug, his ears are lugs, his breasts dugs, his bowels guts, his vitals grub, his garments duds, his hat a plug, his child a cub, his dearest diminutive is chub or bub or runt at his best he is bluff, gruff, blunt his doublet is of sturdy buff and though not sword, is cudgel proof budge he will not, but will drub you with a club, or a slug, nub, stub, butt, or rub you with mud, for he is ever in a muss or a fuss, and should you call him grudging curmudgeon he gulps up ugh, fudge, stuff, rubbish, humbug in his dudgeon he is a rough, a bloodtub, a bummer, and a tough cuss all around he has some humour, more crudity, but no delicacy of all nationalities you would take him for a Dutchman. U utterly uncouth D oug, the Dutchman in our pub, Sups a mug and stuffs his grub. Ugh he gulps and rubs his gut, Stumbling glumly to his hut.
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