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34 35 T im and Terry take a cottage near the tiny town of Wittering, Replete with dainty ornaments and bits of tinsel glittering. Through the pretty little patio you trip onto the terrace Which its Timmys task to tidy when to set the tea is Terrys. T has a light tinkling sound, stimulating slightly pleasant or irritated feelings, as in the phrases pretty ditties and tinkling tunes on the spinet trilling, twittering titmice titivating chatterers, talkative telltales, tittletattling over the teatable tasty tart, trifle or titbit to tickle, tempt and titillate the appetite. A trip for two to tea in Tooting gives the general impression. The type of motion implied by T is dainty and fastidious, tripping, trotting, tiptapping, tottery. It is the opposite of purposeful and is apt to be called trivial, stupid, futile, pretentious, affected, stuttering, tedious and tiresome. The T sound is applied scornfully to those who are thought to be pretty, trite, tarty, tatty little upstarts, wretches, chits, sluts, twits, gits, twats, twerps and nitwits. When teased, tortured, twitted or tantalized, such people become irritable, testy, tetchy and spiteful and throw fits and temper tantrums. T a tintinabulation of tiny, tinny trinkets
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