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32 33 The STR sound is strongly connected with straightness and strictness of conduct. Among the names of things which are straight when stretched out are street, strand, strip, stripe, streak and string. In striding, strutting and straining ahead one naturally goes straight. Stringency and the striking down of those who ignore strictures or instructions are displayed in the German words, Strafe punishment and streng stern. Wrongdoers are given strokes of the strap or strop or put under constraint. A poetic image of the STR sound is a streak of light German Strahl streaming or striking straight down a stretch of strand. Str M y strategy is stern but straight Obstructive, strident, obdurate Striplings who strike or stroll in late I strap or treat to strictures. But those who stringently abide by my instructions, strict applied, Who strive ahead with strenuous stride, I take them to the pictures. strict instructions The SP sound of spitting is heard at or near the beginning of many verbs which describe liquid spluttering or splashing out in spate, like sparkling water from a spa or spume splurging from a champagne bottle. They include spew, spurt, spray, spate, spring, spill, spout, explode, expectorate, expel, spit out. Spring and spirit are words which sum up the qualities of SP. Spring is to do with jumping up. In springtime sprouts and sprigs spurt ahead and one feels spruce, spry, sprightly, spicy, spic and span, sparky, spunky, speedy, spontaneous, splendid, inspired, spurred on, ready to sprint at a spanking pace or go on a sporting spree. A spirited person is either full of aspirations, expectations and espoir, or has spasms of spite, spleen and waspishness. Sp I n spring the aspidistras sprout, Sprightly sprigs and sprays spurt out. Spleen is spent the sparkling air Dispatches spite, expels despair. spirit of spring The Schoolmaster
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