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28 29 The Q with its curlicue or curlie queue is a funny looking letter, and the odd quirkiness of its appearance seems to extend to its meaning. It sounds in the last syllable of words with a slightly outmoded, whimsical air, such as picturesque, baroque, exquisite, antique, and the words to which it provides the initial are quaint, queer, quirky, queasy, quaking and quivering. It is a bit of a fraud in quack doctors, chequered careers and things which are quasi, or not quite what they seem, and it is quizzical, questioning and querulous in quids and quiddities, qualms and quandaries, quests, quips and quibbles. In Latin languages it queries quis que quoi quad quando Q A quiver with zest we embarqued on a quest, But its quirks made us queer and uneasy, Querulous, havering, questioning, quavering, Quarrelsome, quibbling and queasy. quaint and quizzical When persons become puffedup, pompous and pretentious they attract the derisory effect of the P sound and are called poor, puny, piffling, piddling, pitiful, petty, pushy, impertinent pups, peanuts, pipsqueaks and poltroons. Another kind of pride makes people prim and proper, prissy, pernickety and precious. They are apt to be contemptuous and poohpoohing, and their particular exclamation is pshaw In contrast to the B people who bash and batter, the spiteful P folk pinch, poke pins, prick, pry and prod. Given the same treatment, they turn peevish and pine, pule, puke and complain pathetically. P P roper little popinjay the population cried As he pirouetted past them in his panoply of pride. He preened his purple plumage, posed in postures prim to pert, Then tripped and sprawled and splattered in a putrid pool of dirt. pompous little pipsqueak Pride precedes comeuppance
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