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26 27 P apa is a prime politician And proud of his powerful position. When people implore his support for the poor He spurns and poohpoohs their petition. The sound of the letter P is proud, imperious and priapic. As B suggests the binary bulges of the body and hard C the organs of the female, so P denotes the emblems of paternity, the penis, prick, pecker, impregnator, and the letter is shaped accordingly. It proclaims male priority and preeminence and is heard in principalities and powers, emperors and potentates. With reference to the P sound are named things which are perpendicular and rampant, such as piles, poles, posts, props, supports and uprights, pikes, peaks, pales, pinnacles, pillars and pedestals. P apa, the President, the principle personage in our Republic, proudly parades his powerful troops past the imperial palace, prinking and preening in peacock plumes and prancing importantly on his prize palfrey. P the pride of the progenitor A paternal parade
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