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24 25 The shape of the letter O is the shape of the mouth producing the round O sound. It is a noble, rolling, resounding, overaweing sound, used to effect in the translation of Homers invocation to Ocean, the source and origin of the gods. O is old, a protosound, symbol of the original womb or of the oval world egg ovum, oeuf. It dominates words meaning either the whole or a hole, totality or void. The whole is the cosmos, world, dome of heaven, globe or orb a hole is an orifice trou. The womb sound echoes in the names of other round containers bowl, bower, pot, retort, bottle, oven and finally the gloomy tomb. Protuberances are also expressed by O, as mound, nob, knob, knoll, blob, bobble, and one who is overblown is pompous, bloated, obese, orotund, rolypoly, obsessed by glory. In some of these words the O sound is combined with B to create a blustering effect. The orb of the moon, the womb of our mother and the rolling downs are poetic phrases typifying the effect of the O sound. O O , goddess of the whole round globe, Noble in glorious, glowing robe, Enthroned beneath a golden dome, Your womb our source, come, call me home. our noble mother The N sound is widely used for negation, as in no, nay, non, nein, ne, niet. Socrates identified it as an inward sound, and it does seem appropriate to those who are negative, niggling, introvert, mean and stingy, nagging, narrowminded, nitpicking, snide, sneering, sneaky and nasty. It has an air of denigration which, as Mr. Blood observed, is intensified by drawing up of the muscles of contempt at the sides of the nose. N N o, you naughty knave, nagged Nurse, Nasty Sneak Ive known none worse. Dont deny you nicked my ring, Sinful, mean, indecent thing. inwardly denying
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