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22 23 The doublearched shape of the letter M in its mothers eyebrows and breasts is the first pattern to be experienced by an infant, and its first sound is likely to be a murmured, muttered M, which seems a natural symbol of mammals and maternity. Mother is mild, merciful, mollifying and mollicoddling. Her home is humble but warm and comfortable as the womb. Sometimes it is moderately merry and mirthful, yet home can become monotonous, hum drum and gloomy, making one morose, miserable, mean, mouldy, melancholy, mournful, moody, mopey, dim, grim and glum. The association between the cycles of women and the moon that measures the month has caused these words in many different languages to be dominated by the M sound. Under the moon occur mysteries, romances, marvels, miracles, magic and the mantic arts, stimulating imagination or madness and monomania. The M sound evokes images of the dark, mysterious aspect of the female spirit, such as the mystic moonmaiden, the Madonna and the gloomy chasm. M M others plump and matronly and humbly domestic, Her home is warm and comforting, but modest, not majestic. She used to dream of mysteries, of glamour and romance, But muddling her money matters made her miss her chance. warm meals, home comforts and mothers moods The L sound expresses light and clarity its corresponding motion is of languidly gliding liquid, as in a placid, limpid lagoon. Its feeling is leisurely, lazy, flaccid, loose, lax, lounging, laidback and dillydallying. Preceded by the S sound it becomes slurred, and its character then is slinky and slippery like a slimy slob. Heard in it is a slow, slurping, slithering, slipping, sliding sound as of sleek, slothful slugs. See SL. L L anguid lovers lie in Lethes valley. Lethargic, lotuslike, they laze and dally. Idly the listless loafers, slaked with pleasure Slump on the lawns, recline and sleep at leisure. Stealthy oblivion lulls each slothful soul. The swelling floods glide up and oer them roll. lingering by a limpid lagoon
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