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18 19 J ill and Julian Gee enjoyed a joyful jamboree With a jaunt along the hedges to rejoice In the jangling, jarring bray of the jerky popinjay And the jewelhijacking jackdaws jeering voice. When their jubilation faded, feeling just a trifle jaded, They adjourned to Jillys uncle, Major Plunket. Hes a jovial jackanapes and his jugglings, jinks and japes Made a jolly, jokey ending to their junket. The pure French J, as in jeune, joli, jeu, jouet, seems better adapted to express the jaunty, jinglejangle associations of the letter than the clogged sound of its English pronounciation, which is as DJ or DGE. That sound at the end of a word has a deadening effect, like sludge see D, but the initial J imparts a jerky, jittery form of jubilation, as in a jovial joke, jest or jape, a jag, jamboree, jubilee or junket, jazz, jive, jig, jog, judder and jitterbug, a jabbering jay, jolly Jack, jumping for joy. These words have an air of somewhat garish jollity, and the harshness of the J sound is heard in jarring jabber and jeering jingles. Its associated colour, jaune, or orange, becomes sickly in jaundice and jealousy. Here is a Jubilee jaunt J a jolly jingle A Jubilee jaunt
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