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16 17 The I, the eye and the German Ei egg are homophones, and each of them has a similar traditional meaning as representing alike the divine I am, whose symbol is a radiant eye, egg or orb, and the individual as microcosm. The Greek and Latin I is ego, a word made up of the egg and its oval or ovum shape eggO. The I, the eye and the egg thus seem to be ancient companions. Some verbal connections between them are pictured below. I and O are the sounds which link the solitary self with the totality of things, as in I alone, or I all one. Similarly in German, the Alleinsein solitude divides into all ein sein to be all one. Unity is Einheit and ones own is eigen, wherein occurs the egg sound which is also in Auge eye. See also O. I T he single visionary eye Its macrocosm may descry. At one are those who can atone, For the All One revolves alone. the egg and eye The letter I is the symbol of the first person, number 1. It is heard in myself, my identity and what I opine, my private ideology. It is also in ones selfimage and independent existence as a single individual. In psychoalalysts parlance the instinctive self is the Id, and an egomaniac is one who makes I into an idol. There is an obvious link between the I and inwardness, prompting associations as inherent, Im in here, my inheritance. Poets who speak in the first person have to be careful with the I sound. It creates a pompous, didactic effect. This effect is exaggerated in the following imitation of a selfimportant proprietor. I A s a private individual Im not inclined to mingle. I prize my independence, I insist on biding single. In my isolated island Im the idol of my minions Who identify themselves With my ideas and my opinions. Im a private individual Ei Egg Eye Auge
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