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14 15 The sound of the short I expresses light affection or derision. Its diminishing trivializing effect is illustrated in the once popular song which described a yellow polkadot bikini as itsybitsy. The sound T adds extra pettiness. i S hrivelled and skinny is Sid, And Kitty is thin as a kipper, And Willie their rickety kid Is a whimpering wisp of a nipper. Hes hideous, wizened and vicious, Goes rigid or livid or limp, And Kitty and Sid are suspicious He was switched for a pixie or imp. They took him to Jimmy the wizard, And Biddy his wife, who said Who Is this miserable skin of a lizard Hes the image of Sidney and you a little bit of grit The aspirate H tends to give spiritual uplift to words, even where it is barely heard, as in ghost. Its poetic effect is illustrated by such phrases as heavenly hosts, ghostly choir, harmony of the spheres, ethereal charm, breath of enchantment, rushing whirlwind, refreshing honesty, heave a sigh, howl by night, high hopes and happy holidays. Here is an aspirated, pneumatic, philosophical rhyme H H oly Pythagoras made his charts To humanize the heavenly arts. His highest hope, to charm our ears With echoes of the chanting spheres Which chime in every heart from birth In chorus with the breath of earth. But no ear hears, no eye can see The whole ethereal harmony. hopes of heaven An infant imp
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