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12 13 G eorge and Gert began to slog Through a grisly, gurgling bog. Gosh, gasped George, What gummy muck. George, gulped Gert, Good grief, Im stuck. Socrates in Cratylus said that when the first inventor of names observed that the slide of the tongue was blocked by the G sound, he made use of that sound to form words such as glischron glutinous, gluku glucose, sweet and gloiodes gluey. The type of movement indicated by G is a sluggish, oozing of disgusting, congealing grease. The gist or nittygritty of a bog, slough or quagmire is of greygreen, greasy, grimy, gloomy, grisly, grim, glum, grievous, gummy, glutinous, gooey, soggy, clogging, plugging, gurgling globs of grunge. The exclamation of one who falls into it is a hoggish grunt, ugh Sounds of GH and KH occur in expressions of disgust and in names of things which provoke them Yukh Gross greedy pigs Filth in Welsh is achawi, in French caca, and a true note of revulsion is heard in the Yiddish schmuck, wherein is heard another sound of disgust, the SCH. G bogged down in a greasy quagmire
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