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10 11 A sound of fizzling out is sometimes heard in words with F, often when A is also present. In the word failure the F which precedes the wailing sound suggests that before the fiasco there was a certain amount of fun, folly or futile effort. The word for a brief flight and a spattering fall is, aptly, flop F anny fancied flying But her flaps were false and frail. She flailed and fluttered feverishly For fear that she might fail. Finally she faltered, Forced by fits and faints to stop, And fell down feeling foolish, A fiasco and a flop. F has a frightfully flippant sound, especially in conjunction with L. It seems to imitate a flag unfurled, flapping in the wind. It is applied to flappers of all kinds, from those that fly to those who are flighty, who frolic and flirt with fops and are called flibbertigibbets or footloose and fancyfree. An image of F is a frivolous flock of fowls, a flight of feathered fools. In fantastic fashion they flash, flail, fan and flutter their flimsy finery, fussed and flustered as they fidget, flit, flounce, drift and float free, flourishing their flim flam frippery and flaunting their fleecy, flossy, frilly taffeta frocks, fringed with ruffles, flaring, flaming, flagrant and flamboyant. Such flippant, fashionable, frothy folk are famous for flair and effervescence. F F rivolous, flighty fairies flutter by, Frisk and flirt and flaunt their frilly stuff, Flustering the flitting butterfly, Floating free as feathers, foam or fluff. Fa Fanny s failure footloose and fancyfree
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