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6 7 CH Ch at the beginning of a word gives a chirpy sound, as of cheeky chicks and chappies who cheep, chirp, chaff, chant, chortle, chuckle, exchange chit chat and are cherished for their cheery charm. In the last syllable of a word the ch or tch sound is of an irritating fidget, as in itch, stitch, scratch, twitch, a hitch, a catch, a tetchy, touchy bitch, wretched kitsch. Its petulant, crochety air is heard in R ichard, said Brigit, Dont fidget and twitch, Stop scratching your chin, Give your britches a hitch. You look such a wretch With that blotch on your boot And Im itching to chuck out That cheap checkered suit. cheap and cheerful but itching to scratch An emblem of Ceres, goddess of corn, was the sickle. Many other names for cutting, cleaving and culling instruments are built round the usually hard C, which was associated in the previous entry with certain aspects of the female principle. For instance cutters, clippers, chopper, scissors, sickle, secateurs, scythe, scimitar, scalpel, and one to relish snickersnee. Related to cleaving, culling or cutting are scar, snick, cicatrice, score, scotch, scratch, scalp, schism, incision, dissection, curtailment. A sickle was the instrument with which Kronos mutilated his father, Uranos, and awareness of castration seems to be one of the feelings evoked by the hard C. It is also present in cutting remarks, which are scathing, scolding, sceptical, scornful, caustic, sarcastic, scurrilous, acute, acerbic, acid and acrimonious. K en is a critic, A scurrilous scold. His comments are sceptical, Acid and cold. By caustic remarks And discouraging sneers Hes scarred and curtailed Many coming careers. Ck cutting corn with a sickle
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