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4 5 K ind Cuninas chthonic cavity, Cavern sacred to depravity Succours in its covered nooks, Cowards, creeps and cunning crooks Craving sanctuary and care, Outcasts seek protection there. The hard C pertains to the core, coeur or centrum, the symbolic locus of the goddess or receptive principle in nature. Thus cloister, sanctuary, cathedral, crypt, cradle, cozy cot, castle keep. These are among many epithets of the mystical centre, gateway to the chthonic realm of the earth spirit, the crucible wherein life is generated. Close, confined and covered in, the names of its symbols include cove, chasm, cavern, oracular cave, cleft, crack, creek, cranny, corridor, crevice, recess, nook, chink, cavity, crater, corner, closet, cubbyhole, cubicle, cupboard, catacomb and carapace. Carrying water it is a culvert, cundy, cunette or conduit. The common reference of these words is to concealed chambers and channels and thus to cunnus, which echoes through European languages as the Basque kuna, the Norse kunta and the old English cunt. The Roman goddess Cunina was in charge of the cunabula, cradle or crib, and she offered care, comfort, concern, contentment, consolation, cover and protection, coddling, cuddling, cosseting, crooning, confiding, kissing, clinging and clasping. There is also the canny, cunning woman, one with an occult knack. The C sound implies a cautious, circumspect approach to the oracular catacomb, as in crawl, creep, cringe and cower. This type of motion is associated with low types, crooks, creeps, craven cowards, cranks, criminals and corrupt occultists. C cringing in the corner
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