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2 3 B ig Bill was as broad as a barrel of beer At bruising and boozing he hadnt a peer. A burly club bouncer he drubbed one and all Until clobbered and bashed in a brutal pub brawl. The shape of the letter B can be described as double or binary. It is an oval squashed into two bulges, like bifocal spectacles, and the B sound is predominant in the names, both proper and vulgar, given to the bipartite bulges of the body bust, bosom, breasts, boobs, bubs, bum, buttocks, butt, base, beam, bottom and backside. A bull has balls or bollocks, and a beer bibber grows a big belly Bierbauch like a tub, barrel or bloated bladder. An image evoked by the B sound is of balloons blown up near to bursting. They are broad, bluff, burly, obese, bulging, bulbous, burgeoning, billowing, blooming, blubbery blimps. These bouncing orbs attract adjectives of bounty blessed, benevolent, benign, abundant, bland, buttery and beautiful. But bulbous bubbles also have the sound of bumptious bullies, bold, brash, brazen, bothersome, beefy, brawny, bellicose, brutal bigots or bossy bounders, given to brawling, blustering, blundering, squabbling, slobbering, blubbering, biffing, bashing, browbeating, butting, bumping and boring. Bucolic and flabby buffoons, they boom, bawl, bray, bleat and bellyache. They are boastful, bombastic blundering braggarts, babbling bullshit, blah blah and balderdash. B big breasted and broad in the beam
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