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4 5 So perhaps a man who knows about names considers their value, and is not confused if some letter is added, transposed or subtracted, or even if the force of the name is expressed in entirely different letters Plato, Cratylus CONTENTS an introduction to euphonics i A Audacious Aviators Aloft 1 B Big Breasted Broad in the Beam 2 C Cringing in the Corner 4 Ck Cutting Corn with a Sickle 6 Ch Cheap and Cheerful but Itching to Scratch 7 D Down in the Dumps or Dead as a Dodo 8 E Eeeek she Squealed, Its Eerie in Ere 9 F Footloose and FancyFree 10 Fa Fannys Failure 11 G Greasy Gurgling Globs 12 H High Hopes of Heaven 14 i A Little Bit of Grit 15 I Im a private individual 16 I The Egg and Eye 17 J A Jolly Jingle 18 K A Quick Flick of the Whisk 20 L Lingering by a Limpid Lagoon 22 M Home Comforts and Mothers Moods 23 N Inwardly Denying 24 O Our Noble Mother 25 P The Pride of the Progenitor 26 P Pompous little Pipsqueak 28 Q Quaint and Quizzical 29 R Running Round the Rugged Rocks 30 Sl Swine Slurping Swill 31 Sp Spirit of Springtime 32 Str Strict Instructions 33 T Tiny, Tinny Trinkets 34 Tr Trouble in Store 36 U Utterly uncouth 38 V Vital, Vigorous, Vain and Vicious 40 W Washed Away by Waves 42 X The Box of Tricks 44 Y Yowling yobbos 45 Z Dazzled by the Puzzle of the Fizzle 46
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