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Essential Elements

8 9 PErIodIc tablES elemental ordering The Atomic Shells above, with the shaded orbital sets of which they are comprised. Below we see the modern periodic table, which is read left to right across the open spaces and shows increasing order of atomic number see pages 5657. Each element has its own place in the periodic table. There are several versions of this, each emphasising different features. Professor Benfeys spiral below develops by atomic number and shows groups with the same pattern of outer electrons, and hence corresponding properties, radiating like spokes from a hydrogen hub. As different orbitals fill, blocks form outcrops. In contrast Dr. Stowes table opposite top displays the physical ordering of the intricate shells of orbital sets of electrons in atoms, innermost at the top, using quantum numbers. Panic not One modern version of Mendeleyevs table lower opposite puts groups in vertical columns with horizontal periods of orbital sets. The elements are displayed by atomic number the count of protons or electrons for each element, reading left to right.
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