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Elements of Music

26 27 ForM and structurE where am I going and how did I get here Musical structure tends to unfold in parts or sections. An idea, mood, or motif is first presented before something arrives that changes or contrasts it, while nevertheless relating to it, creating a sense of unity and, ultimately, arrival or return. This unfolding pattern also helps orient the listener in time, so that, using their attention and memory, they can tell where they are in the musical texture. Without it they would be adrift in a sea of unrelated ideas, and some music intentionally is composed this way for that very effect. Most people go through vicissitudes of emotion in their life, leaving home, going out into the world, having adventures, and ultimately returning home. A lifes journey is like a musical composition, born into the world from nothing, living for a time in form and structure, dancing spontaneously on the edge of chaos and order, and then finally returning. In this respect Western music tends to be more linear, Eastern music more cyclical. Musical time can be visualised as a storyboard below, each segment expressing the essence of a particular character, meaning, intention, and purpose of a section or movement. Frequently these sections are ordered with consideration for the attention span of the listener, in varying degrees of complexity and engagement, like a ceremony involving invocation, meditation, and dance. Above The humors, seasons and elements of antiquity. These correspondences illustrate a kind of interrelated dynamism and flow to time, character, personality type, and the human experience. Above The FarEastern system of elements, demonstrating principles of balance and imbalance, and showing how the flow of time and the elements correspond to interact and influence each other. Above Binary forms are simply two sections that contrast each other to make one whole, AB. Above Rounded binary brings back a truncated version of the A, usually just enough to suggest or remind the listener of where theyve been, ABA. Above Ternary forms present the A in recapitulation, yielding an ABA structure. BINARY A A A A A B B B BASIC MOLECULAR FORMS OF WESTERN MUSIC C OSMOLOGICAL dIAGRAMS, some ancient keys to nuances in the evolution of form showing how time, space, and manifestation interrelate TERNARY ROUNDED BINARY
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