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Elements of Music

for someone special With gratitude to my mother and father for their support in my life pursuits. Also thanks to John Martineau, Gary DeSorbo, Dr. Bruce Bennett, Dr. David Conte, Peter OHanrahan, David Saen, Alan Tower, Marcus Shelby, and the many composers, performers, artists, and thinkers that have inspired me over the years. Thanks to the Alexander Turnbull Library for permission to reproduce the Boethius frontispiece. CONTENTS Introduction 1 What Is Music 2 Epigrams and Dialectics 4 Acoustics and Overtones 6 Understanding Scales 8 Meet the Intervals 10 Basic Rhythms 12 Tone Tendencies 14 Basic Harmonies 16 Basic Melody 18 Chord Progressions 20 Instrumentation 22 More Complex Rhythms 24 Form and Structure 26 More Complex Harmonies 28 Tonality and Modulation 30 Modal, Tonal, Dronal 32 The Three Minors 34 More Intervals 36 Further Melodic Elements 38 Complex Chord Progressions 40 Around the World 42 Advanced Harmonies 44 Advanced Forms 46 Putting It All Together 48 Glossary of Terms 50 Appendix I Basic Notation 52 Appendix II Scales 54 Appendix III Selected Rhythms 56 Appendix IV Harmonies 57 Appendix V Solfege and Mnemonics 58 Above The Lute Player and the Harpist, Israhel van Meckenem, c. 1500. Title page The Musical Society, Abraham Bosse, 1635. Frontispiece Zoomorphic musical diagram, from Boethius De Musica, 480524.
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