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Earth Grids

56 57 1 31.72N 31.20E On the Egyptian continental shelf, at approximately the midpoint between the two outlets of the Nile at Masabb Rashid and Masabb Dumyat. Very close to Behdet. 2 52.62N 31.20E On the Sozh River east of Gomel, at the boundary junction of Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia. Numerous megalithic sites and Venus figurines from Paleolithic era found. 3 58.28N 67.20E In marshy lowlands just west of Tobolsk 4 52.62N 103.20E In the lowlands north of the southern tip of Lake Baykal, at the edge of highlands 5 58.28N 139.20E In the highlands along the coast of the Sea of Okhotsk 6 52.62N 175.20E Slightly east of Attu at the western tip of the Aleutian Islands 7 58.28N 148.80W Edge of continental shelf in the Gulf of Alaska 8 52.62N 112.80W Buffalo Lake, Alberta, at the edge of highlands in lowlands 9 58.28N 76.80W Just east of Port Harrison on Hudsons Bay 10 52.62N 40.80W Gibbs Fracture Zone 11 58.28N 4.80W Loch More on the northwest coast of Scotland 12 26.57N 67.20E On the edge of the Kirthar Range bordering the Indus River Valley, directly north of Karachi appendix i complete gazetteer of UVG grid points 13 31.72N 103.20E At the east edge of the Himalayas in Szechuan Province, just west of the Jiuding Shan summit 14 26.57N 139.20E At the intersection of Kydshu Palau Ridge, the West Mariana Ridge, and the Iwo Jima Ridge 15 31.72N 175.20E At the intersection of Hess Plateau, the Hawaiian Ridge, and the Emperor Seamounts 16 26.57N 148.80W Northeast of Hawaii, midway between the Murray Fracture Zone and the Molokai Fracture Zone 17 31.72N 112.8OW Cerro Cubabi, a highpoint just south of the USMexico border near Sonoita and lava fields 18 26.57N 76.80W Edge of continental shelf near Great Abaco Island in the Bahamas 19 31.72N 40.80W Atlantis Fracture Zone 20 26.57N 4.80W In El Eglab, a highland peninsula at the edge of the Sahara Desert sand dunes 21 10.81N 31.2OE Sudan Highlands, edge of White Nile marshfields 22 0 49.20E Somali Abyssal Plain 23 10.81S 67.20E Vema Trench Indian Ocean at the intersection of the Mascarene Ridge, the Carlsberg Ridge, and Maldive Ridge into the Midlndian Ridge 24 0 85.20E Ceylon Abyssal Plain 25 10.81N 103.20E Kompong Som. a natural bay on the southern coast of Cambodia southwest of Phnom Penh 26 0 121.20E At the midpoint of Teluk, Tomini, a bay in the northern area of Sulawesi 27 10.81S 139.20E Midpoint of the mouth of the Gulf of Carpentaria 28 0 157.20E Center of the Solomon Plateau 29 10.81N 175.20E Midpoint of the vast abyssal plain between Marshall Islands, MidPacific Mountains, and the Magellan Plateau 30 0 166 80W Nova Canton Trough 31 10.81S 148.80W Society Islands 32 0 130.80W Galapagos Fracture Zone 33 10.81N 112.80W East end of the Clipperton Fracture Zone 34 0 94.80W Junction of the Coeos Ridge the Carnegie Ridge, just west of Galapagos Islands. 35 10.81S 76.80W Lake Punrrun in Peruvian coastal highlands 36 0 58.80W State of Amazonas. at tip of minor watershed highlands 37 10.81N 40.80W Vema Fracture Zone 38 0 22.80W Romanche Fracture Zone 39 10.81S 4.80W Edge of MidAtlantic Ridge in Angola Basin, just southeast of Ascension Fracture Zone 40 0 13.20W Gabon highlands, at intersection of three borders 41 26.57S 31.20E Luyengo on the Usutu River in Swaziland 42 31.72S 67.20E Intersection of the MidIndian Ridge with the Southwest Indian Ridge 43 26.57S 103.20E Tip of the Wallabi Plateau 44 31.72S 139.20E Lowland area east of St. Mary Peak highest point in the area north east of Spencer Gulf 45 26.57S 175.20E At the edge of the Hebrides Trench, just southwest of the Fiji Islands 46 36.72S 148.80W Undifferentiated South Pacific Ocean 47 26.57S 112.80W Easter Island Fracture Zone 48 31.72S 76.80W Nazca Plate 49 26.57S 40.80W In deep ocean, at edge of continental shelf, southeast of Rio de Janeiro 5 0 31.72S 4.80W Walvis Ridge 51 58.28S 31.2OE Enderby Abyssal Plain 52 52.62S 67.20E Kerguelen Plateau 53 58.28S 103.20E Ocean floor, midway between Kerguelen Abyssal Plain and Wilkes Abyssal Plain 54 52.62S 139.20E Kangaroo Fracture Zone 55 58.28S 175.20E Edge of Scott Fracture Zone 56 52.62S 148.80W Udintsev Fracture Zone 57 58.28S 112.80W Eltanin Fracture Zone 58 52.62S 76.80W South American tip, at the edge of the Haeckel Deep 59 58.28S 40.80W South Sandwich Fracture Zone 60 52.62S 4.80W Boivet Fracture Zone 61 NOrth POlE 62 SOuth POlE Grid Points from William Becker Bethe Hagens, as based upon their UVG Planetary Grid model.
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