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Earth Grids

54 55 Some of the most controversial claims about the Earth grid involve farout subjects, like UFO flightpaths, antigravity and timetravel. In 1943, during the Philadelphia Experiment, the USS Eldridge reportedly vanished into a strange mist as it was transported 200 miles to the Norfolk docks and back again, via a pulsating magnetic field that was produced around it. The event occured on a grid line. Bruce Cathie has claimed that atomic tests can only be carried out on specific gridpoints at precise astronomical timings, making nuclear war unlikely, as the enemy could have to wait months to retaliate. Cathie also claims that UFOs use the energies of the grid to power their crafts, echoing the ancient legend of Merlin floating stones from Ireland and Wales to Stonehenge. Stories of levitating megaliths also exist in other global myths and even in recent times. Coral Castle, a megalithic village in Florida near gridpoint 18, was built in the 1930s and 40s by Ed Leedskalnin, who singlehandedly quarried, carved and lifted over 1,100 tonnes of rock with no modern tools. He had supposedly cracked the secrets of the pyramid builders, but he took them to his grave, and no one knows how he did it. Strange vortices of energy have been widely observed, and at places such as the Oregon vortex in the US, time dilations, light phenomena and gravitational anomalies can also occur. Such vortex points, when plotted, join together into a gridlike pattern over America. Ultimately the Earth grid remains a mystery. Whether an artifact of subtle energies, ancient wizards, aliens or the human imagination, it can take one on an amazing journey to some incredible places. The Far side oF The Grid antigravity, teleportation and vortices
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