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Earth Grids

52 53 There is tantalising new evidence that natural sites of major global geomantic significance, like volcanoes and waterfalls, might also be involved in grid systems. For example, two of the worlds largest waterfalls, Victoria Falls in Africa and Angel Falls in Venezuela, are located precisely 90o apart, forming two vertices of an octahedron which also aligns to the pyramids of Giza opposite top left. Another octahedron top right, connects the worlds most active volcano, Kilauea in Hawaii with two notable ancient sites, Angkor Wat and Nazca. Kilauea sits beside the worlds largest volcano, Mauna Loa. Both are at 19.5o N, so relate to tetrahedral geometry previous page. Lower left are shown two great Earth circles, both passing through Kilauea and waterfalls of planetary signifiance, one of which takes in Mount Shasta in California, and the other Mount Everest. Shasta is considered sacred by some Native Americans, who say it is inhabited by the spirit chief Skell who descended from heaven to the mountains summit. It is also a prominent site on the Rainbow Serpent page 28. Finally, a newly discovered great Earth circle joins three major ancient world centres Giza, Lhasa and the megalithic islands of Tonga. Lhasa, literally meaning place of the gods, is revered as the holiest place in Tibet, while on the islands of Tonga, there are hundreds of megaliths, including the Stonehengelike trilithon of Haamonga. Unlike other Pacific islands, Tonga never completely lost its indigenous governance, and is the only independent monarchy still left in the vicinity. Tonga and Hawaii have both been proposed as centres of the preAtlantian Lemurian civilisation. The plot thickens naTural Grids waterfalls, volcanoes and mountains Above Angel Falls Kerepakupai mer, the worlds highest freefalling waterfall at 3,212 ft is 90 from the Victoria Falls or MosioaTunya the Smoke that Thunders, the second largest after Martineau. Above Kilauea is one of five shield volcanoes that form the Islands of Hawaii. It has been active continuously since January 1983 and sits aside Mauna Loa, the worlds largest volcano. Above A great Earth circle connecting Giza, Lhasa and Tonga, three major ancient capitals that stretch back into prehistory and were considered sacred centres of their cultures. Above Mt. Shasta has been identified by various groups as a cosmic power point, a UFO landing spot, a Lemurian sanctury, a gateway to the fifth dimension and a source of magic crystals
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