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Earth Grids

50 51 In 1990, maverick US researcher Richard Hoagland suggested that tetrahedral geometry might define the locations of large scale energy upwellings on planets throughout the solar system. Tetrahedra with vertices at the poles define latitudes 19.47o above and below the equator. Hoagland noticed that Olympus Mons a Martian volcano three times larger than Mount Everest, and the highest mountain in the solar system is found at this latitude, as is the most active volcano on Earth, Kilauea, in Hawaii. Further phenomena around 19.5o include increased solar flare activity on the surface of the Sun opposite top and the dark bands of clouds around Saturn. There are many other examples of planetary geometries. Jupiters great Red Spot is found at 22.5o, a quarter of a quadrant distance. This is the same latitude as a similar great dark spot on Neptune, accompanied by a thin band of white clouds circling the planet, which was discovered in June 1994 by NASA. The Neptune spot completely disappeared in April 1995, but it soon reappeared, this time in Neptunes northern hemisphere, again at 22.5o with identical banding NASA noted that it was a nearmirror image of the first spot. In 1981, scientists were astonished to discover a stationary cymatic hexagon, twice the size of the Earth, at Saturns north pole, with multitiered linear clouds bands swirling around it. Uranus moon Miranda displays huge triangular features that ressemble the faces of an icosahedron, and other polygonal areas superimposed pentagonal and hexagonal which seem to shape the terrain. Is it really too much to imagine energetic geometries might also exist on Earth GeomeTry on oTher planeTs energy patterns everywhere Top left Tetrahedra inside a sphere defines 19.5o latitudes above and below the equator Above right The Sun has increased solar flare activity at 19.5o above and below the equator. Centre Hoaglands observation that the Olympus Mons volcano on Mars sit at 19.5o north, defined by a tetrahedral vertice. Left The hexagon at Saturns north pole retains its integrity and has been visible since its discovery in 1981 courtesy of NASA.
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