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Earth Grids

48 49 The Earth is very noisy. It gives off a relentless symphony of countless notes imperceptible to the human ear. Seismometers can detect the Earths hum, colossal mysterious ringlike oscillations or waves, that have been compared to the aum sound of Hindu creationism. The aurora, or northern lights, also emit shrieks and whistles into space known as auroral kilometric radiation when charged particles from the solar wind hit the Earths magnetic field. If humans had radio antennae as ears, we would hear lightning strikes emit a broadband pulse of radio waves. These sferics, tweeks and whistlers travel around the world by bouncing back and forth between the surface and the ionosphere, striking somewhere on the planet roughly 100 times per second, sometimes moving along magnetic flow lines. Combined with earthquakes, volcanoes, moving water and high force winds, could this symphony somehow organise the energies of the Earth into a coherent vibrating geometric grid The study of how sound affects matter is called cymatics, named after the Greek kymatika matters pertaining to waves. Dr. Hans Jenny, a student of Buckminster Fuller, conducted clever experiments, in which a droplet of water containing a very fine suspension of lightcoloured particles a colloidal suspension was vibrated at various diatonic musical frequencies. He photographed complicated geometries appearing inside the droplets, surrounded by elliptical lines connecting their nodes. High vibrations created the most complex designs, and different mediums affected the results. Jennys work demonstrated the reality of sound forming physical phenomena. earTh music cymatics, sferics, tweeks and whistlers Above, left to right Cymatic vibrational circles produced on the faces of an icosahedron, octahedron and dodecahedron. Above Cymatic forms based on Hans Jennys photographs of light passing through vibrated water, sometimes using two tones. 3D gridlike forms appear, with 12, 3 and 6fold geometry. Above Also redrawn from Hans Jennys photographs. Turpentine vibrated on a film creating gridlike patterns similar to the Hartmann and Curry grids page 24.
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