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Earth Grids

46 47 Walltown, Northumberland As well as studying ancient maps, Charles Hapgood see page 36 made the suggestion that the Earths crust ... much as the skin of an orange, if it were loose, might shift over the inner part of the orange all in one piece. It was already known that the inner flippings of the ironrich core of the Earth caused magnetic pole reversals recorded in the rock of the midatlantic ridge, see page 2. In addition to this, Hapgood radically proposed that the rigid, stony outer shell of the Earth, the lithosphere, might occasionally slide over the top of the lubricating layer, the asthenosphere. One result of this theory is that there are no Ice Ages as such, instead the movement of the pole causes different areas to be covered in ice at different times. Any movement of this sort would probably cause major worldwide devastation, and Rand FlemAth believes this happened between 11 12,000 years ago when the poles moved 30o to their current positions from the Hudson Bay pole see below. Albert Einstein supported Hapgoods theory, and suggested that the buildup of weight of the icecaps could cause such a shift to occur over periods from a few thousand years to only a few days The shiFTinG Grid surface slippage and the old pole Above A suggestive world grid, centred on the old North Pole in Hudson Bay 60N 83W, taking in some of the most ancient sites on the planet produced by the author with John Martineaus World Grid Program. Easter Island and Lhasa both sit precisely on the old equator Lhasa on a node point. Nabta is the oldest stone circle found to date. Gobekli Tepe is the oldest city yet discovered and Baalbek has the largest megaliths in the world. Giza, Jericho, and Nazca were all at 15 N. British sites such as Stonehenge and Rosslyn also point to the old pole position 50,00012,000 years ago. The angle between the old and new poles from Stonehenge is 46 degrees and its latitude back then was 46 N, a 4646 site. Similarly, Rosslyn in Scotland is a 5050 site. In fact, from the Hudson Bay pole, there are over 60 ancient sites all within half a degree of sacred latitudes , probably five times what we have today. Were the ancient surveyors recording the previous polar displacement and how damaging it had been, setting up a series of interrelated measuring points around the world so they could measure future slippages
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