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Earth Grids

44 45 The golden section is a proportion found in pentagrams, icosahedra, dodecahedra and throughout nature. Some researchers have observed golden ratios in the distances between sacred sites thousands of miles apart, suggesting a possible ancient use of it in surveying the planet. Jim Alison, for example, discovered in the 1990s that along his impressive great circle alignment see page 28 Angkor Wat is 4,745 miles from the Great Pyramid, which is 7,677 miles from Nazca, the two distances being in the golden ratio 0.618 or 1.618, as 4,745 x 1.618 7,677 see below and top right. Alison also found that distances in miles between sites hid Fibonacci sequence numbers. For example, Giza to Nazca is 7,692 miles and Nazca to Angkor is 12,446 miles the 360th Fibonnaci number is 76,924, and the 361st is 12,446. In the same vein, Rand FlemAth found that the White pyramid near Xian, China is located between the north pole and equator at 34o 26 N, which divides the quadrant into the golden ratio 3,840 miles from the north pole x 1.618 6,213 miles in a quadrant. FlemAth also found numerous sites close to the latititude 10 x 1.618o, or 16o 11 north and south of the equator. Sites at these latitudes include Tiahuanaco 16o 38 N and Lubaantum 16o 17 N, as well as those shown in the table on the opposite page. Golden secTion siTes a web of phi 4,745 Miles 7,677 Miles Nazca Giza aNGkor Wat 10 phi From equator 16o 11 16o17N Lubaantum, 16o 38N Tiahuanaco, 16o 50S Raiatea. 10 phi Pole to pole 21o 15N 20o 40 Chichen Itza, 21o 30 Wabar Tektite. 10 phi Pole to equator 34o 23N 34.00 Baalbek, 34o19 Ehdin , 34o 22 Xian Pyramids. 10 phi equator to pole 55o 37N 55o 40 Kilwinning Masonic Central, 55o 52 Rosslyn Above left The White Pyramid sits at 34 26 N. 3,840 miles from the North Pole, a precise Phi distance Above right Projection of phi distances from Jim Alisons great circle. Below TheWhite pyramid, nr. Xian, China North Pole White PyraMid equator Above Various sacred latitudes using different golden quadrant and hemispherical divisions.
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