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Earth Grids

42 43 Some ancient sites worldwide may have been built with knowledge of their exact location. Archaeocryptography, created by Carl Munck, uses the numbers of obvious features present at a site to produce the precise coordinates. For instance, the Kukulkan pyramid at Chichen Itza has 4 staircases, 4 corners, 365 steps 91 on each side plus an altar on top and 9 terraces. These numbers multiplied together equal 52,560, a number encoded in Kukulkans longitude west of Giza, 119o 42 10.51620648, for 119 x 42 x 10.51620648 52,560. Sceptics say he is just number crunching, selecting data to fit his results, but other commentators remain more enthusiastic. Returning to Avebury, we find a similar code. In 1996 John Martineau noticed two hidden corridors, defined by two unusual corners of the henge, which align through the centres of the two inner stone circles. The angle between them is one seventh of a circle, 51o 25 43, the precise latitude of the centre of the site. There are also exactly 72o of arc between Avebury and Chichen Itza, one fifth of the Earths circumference. Checking the distances and degrees between ancient sites produces some interesting results. Avebury is located 1100th of the planetary circumference from the Hill of Tara and Newgrange, Irelands largest megalithic structure both 3000 BC and 249.4 miles away. The Great Pyramid to Newgrange is 110th of a great circle 2,487.4 miles. The Newark earthworks in Ohio are 6,000 miles from the Great Pyramid, and distances between them and nearby earthworks encode accurate astronomical geodesy see lower opposite, after James Q. Jacobs. GloBal posiTioninG lost codes of the ancients Above Kukulkan pyramid at Chichen Itza. Latitude 119, 42 , 10.51620648 Above The two corridors of Avebury. The angle between them equals the latitude of the site. Above 360 divided by the no. of days in a year 365.25636 equals the average number of degrees the Sun moves in a day, 0.98561, a distance equal to that between Marietta Square and the Newark Octagon above.
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