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Earth Grids

38 39 Many ancient sacred sites can be arranged into a coherent pattern if Alexandria or Giza, which is due south of it defines the prime meridian. In 1998, author Graham Hancock developed a theory of the longitudinal distribution of sacred sites based on pentagonal geometry opposite top. The massive Buddhist site of Angkor Wat is at a longitude 72o east of Giza, one fifth of the way round the globe. Hancocks ideas may be extended. The Mayan sites of Copan, in Honduras, and Chitzen Itza, in Mexico, are both within half a degree of 120o west from Giza, one third of the way around the world. Was the geographic knowledge that the West acquired with the invention of the marine chronometer already in use thousands of years ago Strangely, the seat of the Church of England, Canterbury, is 30o west of Giza, one twelfth of a circle. lonGiTude harmonics tuning into Giza Left Graham Hancocks suggested theory of a world grid of intended longitudes with Giza as the meridian. Many of the sites encode pentagonal numbers such as 72 o 15 around the planet. 108 o is internal angle of a pentagon and 144 is 25ths of a circle. 72o 144o 108o Harmonic Longitudes from giza BaaLBek, LeBanon 5 o e The worlds largest megaliths angkor Wat, camBodia 72 o e Major ancient Buddhist temple cHavin, Peru 108 o W Shamanic megalithic temple complex tHe Paracas trident, Peru 108 o W Nazcalike candleabra effigy tiaHuanaco, BoLivia 100 o W Pyramid temple complex Quito, ecuador 110 o W Northern Inca capital cHicHen itza and coPan 120 o W Major Mayan capital cities teotiHuacan, mexico 130 o W Ancient Toltec and Mayan city easter isLand 140 o W Megalithic statues facing east kiriBati, Pacific isLands 144 o e Ancient megalithic ruins Harmonic Longitudes tWixt sites easter isLand to angkor Wat 144 o two fifths of a circle angkor Wat to taHiti 108o three tenths of a circle angkor Wat to kiriBati 72 o one fifth of a circle angkor Wat to Paracas 180 o half a circle Paracas to easter isLand 36 o one tenth of a circle stoneHenge to Bosnian Pyramid 19.5o tetrahedral angle see page 48 Bosnian Pyramid to macHu PiccHu 90o a quarter of a circle nan madoL, PoHnPei to angkor 54o three twentieths of a circle carnac, Brittany to yonaguni 120o one third of a circle See Appendix II what can you find
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