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Earth Grids

30 31 In October 1884, Professor Charles Piazzi Smythe, an avid Egyptologist and Astronomer Royal of Scotland, became involved in choosing the prime meridian of the Earth zero degrees longitude. There had already been other contenders. Paris was a possibility, but there was no fixed global agreement, so 25 countries met in Washington DC to decide on the location. At the meeting, Smythe proposed using the Great Pyramid, because great circles drawn north, south, east and west from Giza cover more land, as opposed to ocean, than from any other place on Earth opposite top. The Great Pyramid was also perfectly aligned to the cardinal points of the compass, and sited at 30o above the equator. In the end, under some pressure, 22 countries voted for Greenwich, 31o 8 8 west of Giza. Previously, in the late 1700s, Napoleons surveyors had used the cardinal points of the Great Pyramid to survey Lower Egypt, using a meridian as the baseline. They discovered that this cut the Delta region into two equal portions and that lines extended from the north corners of the Pyramid precisely enclosed the entire Delta lower opposite. It has been proposed that the Great Pyramid may also represent the northern hemisphere, suggesting the Egyptians accurately knew the size of the Earth. The height and perimeter of the Great Pyramid multiplied by 43,200 yields figures very close to the modern polar radius and equatorial circumference of the Earth. 43,200 is an important metrological number, 26 x 33 x 52. The base lenth of the Great Pyramid is also precisely 18th of a minute of a degree of the Earths polar circumference a minute is 160th of a degree. The prime meridian the centre of the world by Piazzi Smythe Above Charles Piazzi Smythes map showing the Giza Prime Meridian and landmass from Egypt. Below left Napoleons survey of the Nile Delta. Below right The Great Pyramid as the Earths northern hemisphere .
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