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Earth Grids

28 29 A great circle is a circle on a sphere whose centre lies at the centre of that sphere, so that it cuts it into two equal hemispheres. All longitudinal meridians are great circles. The equator is the only latitudinal great circleall other latitudes form lesser circles on the globe. The UVG grid is composed entirely of great Earth circles, all 121 of them. Below is shown Jim Alisons incredible great Earth circle, viewed along its equator. This formidable alignment takes in Nazca, Machu Picchu, Tassili n Ajjer, Siwa, Giza, Ur, Angkor Wat, Easter Island and many others. As we shall see in the pages that follow, there are other reasons to take specific notice of this alignment. Were the ancients conscious of this circle Were they recording something Shown top is a section of a great circle proposed by Robin Heath that takes in Stonehenge, Delphi, Giza, Mecca and the Ohio Serpent Mound. In the 1980s Glastonbury visionary Robert Coon produced an interesting planetary chakra map lower opposite with two great dragonlines encircling the globe he called the pair of them the Rainbow Serpent. The British part of it aligns down the Michael Mary lines see page 7. The two currents do not form a perfect Earth circle but they do encircle the Earth. GreaT circles on earTh cutting the world in two Above The great Earth circle extending from the lunation triangle see page 7 that aligns Stonehenge, Delphi, Giza, Mecca, Ohio Serpent Mound, Sligo and the Preseli Bluestone site by Janet Lloyd Davies, after R.Heath. Above Robert Coons Rainbow Serpent travels the world from Uluru Ayres Rock, linking planetary increase sites or chakras, before meeting it back in Uluru. The Aborigines tell stories of a female snake Kuniya and her nephew Liru, who meet at Uluru. Dowsers have verified these energy lines in other parts of the world.
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