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Earth Grids

26 27 landscape GeomeTries manmade patterns on earth Geometric grids may encircle Gaia, but looking more closely into the landscape, playful patterns turn up everywhere. For example, the capital of America, Washington DC, designed and constructed from 1791, has a layout suggesting knowledge of ancient metrology, sacred geometry and astronomy, later lost in the development of the city. In Britain, an ancient national grid of neolithic henge monuments, discovered by Robin Heath, links Arbor Low Stonehenge of the North, Bryn Celli Ddu, an important burial chamber in north Wales, and Stonehenge. It displays a perfect 345 Pythagorean triangle. Stonehenge also turns up in The Wessex Astrum, a landscape hexagram that is bisected by the St. Michael line. Interestingly, the line here between Stonehenge and Glastonbury is a tenth of the perimeter of the Circle of Perpetual choirs see page 7. A landscape diamond top left aligns to the St. Michael axis and also to other sacred hills in the Somerset region, while a grid system and pentagonal geometry over the landscape in Rennes le Chateux in the south of France, connects churches, sacred hills and natural features shown below. Above The Wessex Astrum by P. Knight, T. Perrott showing the St. Michael axis, distances and several sacred hills on the lighter grey tone. Above A geodetic grid by R.Heath which links henge sites in the UK to form a Pythagorean triangle. The base line corresponds to the Lunation triangle. Above Golden section geometry underlies the design of Washington DC. French architect, Pierre Charles LEnfant Plan of 1791, Library of Congress by N. Mann, 2006 Above The Somerset Landscape Diamond showing the St. Michael Line and major lunar standstill alignment by N. Mann P. Glasson, 2007
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