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Earth Grids

24 25 Geomancers have discovered several other global networks of energy. The first was discovered by Dr. Ernst Hartmann in the 1960s and runs magnetic N to S and E to W. It is a square grid spaced 5 ft 5 in apart, with lines 610 inches wide that rise vertically like invisible radioactive walls. When two lines cross, a Hartmann Knot of geopathic stress occurs. Sleeping over crossings of double negative lines which repeat at 115 ft intervals have been known to cause nervous disturbances, headaches, cramps and rheumatism. Earthquakes distort this grid and a 50 increase in radioactivity has also been recorded at crossing points. The Curry grid was discovered by Drs. Curry and Whitman in the 1970s and runs diagnonally at 45o to north. The lines repeat every 8 ft SW to NE and 9 ft SE to NW. They are approx 2 ft wide, with double negative lines repeating every 164 ft. Considered more harmful than Hartmann knots, they are linked with sleep problems, depression and other nervous reactions. Although these two grids are scientifically unproven, in 2006 Hans Giertz, a telecommunications expert, was able to determine their existence with low frequency electromagnetic energy experiments. Similar grids include the Broad Curry grid that is 30o off north and the positive doubleCurry grid that is 20o off north with very wide intervals of 410 ft. Interestingly, this one is marked by megaliths, holy wells, chapels, hill forts and oak trees. In the 1980s R. Schneider discovered a grid at 45o with lines repeating every 965 ft. Shaun Kirwan has discovered the Angel Grid, that has huge etheric lines of force and relates to the golden section ratio. No doubt more will follow harTmann and curry Grids tools for the geopathically stressed Lightning area at geopathic crossing of Doublenegative lines on Curry Grid Poisonous plants such as Hellebore grown on the Curry Grid lines Megaliths are known to enhance the radioactive effects of the Hartmann Grid crossing points Sleeping on crossing points of both grids can cause depression, insomnia and even cancer. VEGETATIOn Damage can occur at crossing points, especially if there is underground water too. Above The Hartmann and Curry Grids. Both compress when stressed, depending on the severity of any trauma in the landscape. Under severe stress, such as old battle sites, the lines can be under 1ft apart. In these places the double negative knots are more frequent, and therefore more damaging to health. Geomancers say there are hundreds of grids that relate to all the different life forms and even elemental beings. HARTM Ann G RID HA RT MAnn G RI D CUrrY GR ID C U rrY G R I D THE HARTMANN AND CURRY GRIDS North
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