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Earth Grids

22 23 The original Russian grid vertex numbering is preserved in the Becker and Hagens version shown below. Several ancient civilisations have thrived around certain grid points, but not many famous ancient sacred sites mark major vertices. Since c. 2,600 BC the Egyptians thrived around the Giza plateau 1, as did the inhabitants of the pyramidical complex at Caral in the northwest of Peru 35. Photographic data collected by US and Russian satellites confirm a fault line from Morocco to Pakistan points 20 to 12. There are also circular geological structures 150200 miles in diameter located at grid points 17 Cerro Cubabi, a highpoint just south of the MexicoUS border, 18 Edge of continental shelf near Great Abaco Island in the Bahamas and 20 El Eglab, on edge of the Sahara desert, near Timbuktu. Grid points 49, southeast of Rio de Janeiro, and 27, in the Gulf of Carpentaria in northeast Australia, seem to have landmass forming around them, suggesting that these intersections could act as vortices of energy and shape the landscape over many millenia. inTeresTinG poinTs anomalies on the intersections Left Gridpoints 8 and 18 Point 8 is near Buffalo Lake, Alberta, Canada. Large gas and oil reserves, major wheat farming, also with a 5000 year old medicine circle near Majorville. Gridpoint 18 is the centre of a pentagonal face with intersections. Large megalithic roads have been discovered in Bimini, off the coast of Florida, suggesting a previous, yet unknown society, who could carve and transport large stones. It is also the northern tip of the Bermuda Triangle. Below Gridpoint 17 Near the Organ Pipe National Monument. The ancient Hohokum people built immense irrigation canals here, their civilisation lasting some 9000 years. They made a ceremonial wine from the organ pipe cactus. This area marks the most sacred territory of the oldest na tive peoples in North America. There are small pyramids rock art some depicting a star explosion , at White Tanks and Mt. Pinacate. Once a major drugtraf ficking area, it now home to an enormous communications dish array. 18 8 17
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