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Earth Grids

18 19 In New Zealand in 1952, Captain Bruce Cathie, an airline pilot, experienced a UFO sighting that dramatically changed his life. Determined to try and find some order and sense in the phenomenon, and, following the example of French ufologist Aim Michel, he decided to look for patterns in the reported flight paths of UFOs. By plotting onto a map the most reliable UFO sightings, including some of his own, he gradually realised there was a complete grid network over New Zealand. Working feverishly over the years which followed, he eventually discovered three grids, with north poles at Latitude 72o2545 Longitude 89o5859, Lat 78o2507 Long 104o5924 and Lat 75o3219 Long 95o5807. A pattern consisting of lines spaced at halfdegree intervals orientated on these poles was, Cathie claimed, known to ETs and the builders of ancient sites, atomic weapons designers, antigravity and fasterthanlight technologies. To develop his theory Cathie had seized on a strange object he termed the Eltanin Antenna that had been photographed on the sea floor, 1000 miles of the coast of Cape Horn in South America. Using the coordinates of the mysterious antenna, he had drawn frenzied grid patterns on a plastic ball until the new cubeoctahedral grids correlated with his first New Zealand version. It was only years later that biologists noticed that Cathies Eltanin Antenna looked exactly like a small deep sea sponge called Cladorhiza. The debate continues. Shown opposite is another object which looks like a deep sea lifeform. Found in Vietnam, this ancient manmade dodecahedral artifact looks remarkably like an enlarged radiolarian plankton. Bruce caThie and uFos flightpaths and mysterious antenna Right Grid plan over New Zealand plotting UFO sightings with half degree intervals on a slightly rotated grid. 24 nautical miles eastwest grid lines and 30 nautical miles northsouth parallel lines. The variation is due to the latitude being around 41o south, where longitude distances shorten towards the pole. Below right Cathies cubeoctahedral grid formed from two poles A and B. Below left Cathies Eltanin antenna , found 13,500ft deep, 1000 miles from Cape Horn, Chile. It was anchored upright and was, Cathie claimed, an ancient aerial planted their by an ancient civilization or beings from another world. Others believe it was a photo of a deep sea sponge called Cladorhiza. Below centre Gold and bronze dodecahedral figures exhibiting twelve facets and twenty horns have been unearthed in France and Vietnam. Vietnamese war veterans recognize them as sacred Taoist objects marking acupuncture points.
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