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Earth Grids

14 15 In the early 1970s Ivan T. Sanderson, a biologist and author, plotted ship and aircraft disappearances worldwide, and noticed twelve especially peculiar areas equally spaced over the globe including the north and south pole. In these hot spots magnetic anomalies, unexplained disappearances, mechanical and instument malfunctions and other energy aberrations all seemed to congregate. One of the zones was on the western tip of the Bermuda Triangle, an infamous area off the coast of Florida, extending from Bermuda to the tip of southern Florida, and then to the Bahamas via Puerto Rico. Over 100 aircraft disappearances and about 1000 lost lives have been reported in the Bermuda Triangle since 1945. In his 1972 article Twelve Devils Graveyards around the World, Sanderson described how statistical research and modern com munications technology had helped him discover other areas with similar anomolies, such as the Dragons Triangle or Devils Sea off the southeast coast of Japan. Between 1950 and 1954, nine large ships completely disappeared in this area and UFO sightings as well as magnetic anomolies have often been reported there. This area is also along the rim of the Ring of Fire, the highly active volcano chain of the Pacific. When Sanderson drew the hot spots on a map, he noticed that the twelve areas were spaced equally apart and neatly formed the vertices of an icosahedron with most of them in the sea. Sanderson was later accused of selecting data to fit his theory, but his work remains a tantalising glimpse of a planetary grid at work. Vile VorTices vanishing aircraft and time dilations Standing stones at Ballymenach, Argyleshire The Twelve Devils Graveyards. Note how they fall on the Tropics of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn apart from the north and south poles. Disappearances, mechanical and instrument malfunctions and many cases of time dilations, light phenomena and magnetic variations have been reported in these areas. Above A 3D Icosahedron compressed on to the Earths surface showing the zones. Above The Bermuda Triangle AtlAntic OceAn
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