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Earth Grids

8 9 A great scientific instrument lies sprawled over the entire surface of the globe. At some period perhaps it was over 4,000 years ago almost every corner of the world was visited by a group of men who came with a particular task to accomplish. With the help of some remarkable power, by which they could cut and raise enormous blocks of stone, these men erected vast astronomical instruments, circles of erect pillars, pyramids, underground tunnels, cyclopean alignments, whose course from horizon to horizon was marked by stones, mounds, and earthwork... The vast scale of prehistoric engineering is not yet generally recognised. These words of John Michell in his seminal The View Over Atlantis suggest a very ancient grid system of the Earth, and similar quotes from the distant past support this. For example The Book of Enoch, rediscovered in 1773 by James Bruce, is interpreted as describing a great survey of the Earth in prehistoric times And I saw in those days how long cords were given to the Angels, and they took themselves wings and flew, and went towards the north. And I asked an Angel, saying unto him Why have these taken cords and gone off And he said to me They have gone to measure. Druid legends talk of twelve great courts that encircle the globe, and a Hopi creation myth describes how the creator Tiowa assigned Spider Grandmother Woman to send sound and cosmic energy to the crystal at the centre of the Earth to bounce back to the surface and create spots of the fawn, or sacred power centres joined together by a lattice of energy. A Brule Sioux creation myth describes the Sun empowering the planets, orbits and stars to come to the sixteen hoops, suggesting a network of great Earth circles over the planet. Grid BeGinninGs early evidence of global patterns A Hopi Creation Myth describes how the Creator Tiowa assigned Spider Grandmother Woman Kokyanwuhti as the Earths guardian. She spat into two handfuls of Earth and created Poqanghoya and Palongwhoya, and later, Hicanavaiya, ManEagle, Plumed Serpent and many others. The two brothers linked minds. Poqanghoya was sent to the north pole, where he gave structure and form to life. Palongwhoya went to the south pole, to say prayers and tune in to the heartbeat of Tiowa. When the two beats were in perfect harmony, a surge of life force came shooting down to the crystal at the centre of the Earth. When the sound hit the crystal, the energy shot out in all directions, channeled by the structural magic of Poqanghoya. The reflected lifeenergy then popped from the Earths crust, bringing the planet to life. At some places this energy is said to be more abundant.
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