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Earth Grids

6 7 leys and draGon lines landscape alignments and lines of force A network of landscape alignments was discovered in the 1920s by Alfred Watkins. Alignments consisting of five or more sacred sites, whether churches, megaliths, springs or hilltops, he termed leys. A particularly long ley was unveiled by John Michell in the late 1960s. He named it the St. Michael Line because it plotted numerous sites dedicated to St. Michael, as well taking in ancient sites such as Avebury and Glastonbury Tor. Michell noticed it also aligned to Beltane Mayday sunrise and Samhain Halloween sunset. 20 years later, Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst dowsed two great energy currents weaving like serpents around the St. Michael Line, never following it precisely, but meeting at major node points along it. They even found it continuing in St. Petersburg, Russia, suggesting a planetary current. Traditions of straight alignments exist in Peru, Bolivia and in the farEast, where FengShui practitioners know them as Dragon lines, while in Australia the Aborigines talk of Songlines. In 1939, Josef Heinsch noted that many ancient sites in Germany were arranged in grids over vast distances and large circular and triangular patterns exist in Britain opposite page. Theories of the origin of such formations range from underground water streams, geological fault lines, spirit paths to navigational tools left by ancient alien astronauts. Above A selection of long leys, landscape geometries and Earth energies by Newman Kirwan. The map also marks megalithic sites, the Lunation Triangle after R. Heath and the Circles of Perpetual Choirs after J. Michell. Some of these lines neatly correspond to the Earth grid and ancient geodetic measurement systems. Shorter leys have been omitted, but as an example the Cambridge ley can be seen on the left page.
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