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Earth Grids

4 5 The Earths magnetic field takes a daily beating when struck by gusts of solar wind, as seen in the colourful Northern Lights. The system is in flux. At dawn, the magnetic field lines opposite top shrink and surge through the land, our homes, our bodies and our brains each day. The field weakens at night then roars back to life every morning. At some natural places local geology makes this even stronger due to the effect of rocks, insulators such as chalk or the presence of water. Magnetism and electrical force are two sides of the same coin. A moving electrical current generates a magnetic field, and a changing magnetic field generates electric current in anything present that will conduct it. The Earth itself is subject to the same forcesthe field lines generate weak DC currents in the ground and, like all electric currents, these telluric energies travel better in some media than others. Ground containing a high level of metal or mineralrich water conducts these natural, daily currents particularly well. Drier or less metallic ground conducts it less well. When these two types of land intersect, a conductivity discontinuity occurs. Interestingly, this is also where many ancient sites seem to be located and often where anomalous balls of light are seen. BOLs are created by natural electrical charge from the sudden drop in the magnetism of the field lines. At Stonehenge and other ancient sites, a henge cut over three feet into the ground resists this telluric energy, directing it through the entrance, building up electrical charge within the site. Is this one of the lost technologies of the ancients Were they harnessing it worldwide into a planetary grid of energy The GeomaGneTic Field electromagnetism and telluric energies Above Magnetic Currents of the Earth, showing NS and EW magnetic flow lines. Above Electrical resistivity map of Stonehenge. Darker areas show where more natural electrical current has travelled through the Earth J. Burke. Above Geomagnetic contour map of a Native Ameri can rock chamber in Kent Cliff, New York, showing magnetic anomaly at the doorway J. Burke.
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