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Earth Grids

2 3 The Earth is 4.57 billion years old, and life appeared on it within one billion years of its formation. Oxygenic photosynthesis began about 2.7 billion years ago, forming the atmosphere we enjoy today. The Earth is skinned in several major layers opposite top. Earths outer surface is divided into massive tectonic plates that migrate across the surface due to continental drift. The planet once had just one large landmass and one great ocean. Today a midoceanic ridge runs around the entire planet, renewing the thin sea floor. In the midAtlantic, this ridge constantly erupts, pushing the Americas away from Europe and Africa below left. Its current pattern in some areas resembles that of a dodecahedron below right. The equatorial radius of the Earth is 3,963.19 miles, 13 miles greater than the polar radius of 3,949.90 miles the equatorial bulge resulting from the Earths spin. Although the Earth changes over millions of years, it has remained basically the same during human civilisation. The earTh her structure, movement and natural energies Right The primary faultline in the British Isles, along which earthquakes are most likely to occur. In the UK thunderstorms are much more frequent over areas with little or no faulting. Below The tectonic plates which make up the Earths crust. Opposite left The Mid Atlantic Ridge, formed by two plates pulling apart, and the roughly dodecahedral path it follows. Left The structure of the Earth. The crust descends merely 4 miles in the oceans, and 1840 miles on land. The slowly flowing viscous mantle has a depth of about 1,800 miles 2,900 km. The core is thought to be liquid with a solid inner centre. The Earths magnetic field derives from convection in the outer ironrich core, combined with stirring caused by the Earths rota tion. The inner core of the Earth also rotates slightly faster than the rest of the planet. On the surface, fault lines, earthquake epicentres, geomagnetic forces and natural electrical telluric currents are all part of the traditional science of geomancy, today termed earth energy and central to the idea of a world grid.
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