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Earth Grids

6 1 The idea that there is, or even might be, an Earth grid seems far fetched to many people. But people have always wanted to know where they are on the planet, and the ancient system of longitude and latitude is one such grid, and we all still use it today. The use of geometry is particularly widespread in the buildings of the ancient world, and modern grid researchers speculate as to whether the ancients, when siting their great temples, were aware not only of the local archaeoastronomy, but also of the relationship of their location to other important sites. Nowadays we have electricity grids, water networks, phone systems and the Internet, which crisscross and suround us all. In the ancient world, the Chinese system of medicine described meridians of energy travelling through the body with acupuncture points at its nodes, and understood the Earth as having a similar network of energy lines. The Earth today is seen as a living organism, and in the last thirty or so years, various books and articles have proposed Earth energy grids and the placement of ancient sites upon them. Indeed, the way they are placed around the planet suggest an informed and scientific project that was shared all around the globe in prehistory. This book unravels the short history of grid research and takes another look at the distribution of sacred sites around the planet, revealing a remarkable network of surveying and megalithic engineering that supports the ancient idea of a geometric, or Earthmeasured worldview, which can now be seen as a new model for Gaia. INTRODUCTION
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