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Earth Grids

4 I would like to especially thank my mother Meg Ketch, as well as Shaun Kirwan, Geoff Stray Bethe Hagens, Rand FlemAth, Robin Heath, Roy Snelling and my editor John Martineau. Thanks to the following for their illustrations Bethe Hagens and William Becker for numerous images, Allan Holloway p.25,41,55, Emmanuel Martin p. 9, 44, Shaun Kirwan p.7, Janet Lloyd Davies p. 29. Thanks for image use to Paul Devereux, John Michell, Ian Thompson, John Burke, David H. Childress, Rand FlemAth, David Zink, Bruce Cathie, Nicholas Mann, Richard Dannelly and Robert Coon. Images created from John Martineaus World Grid program and Google Earth with Bethe Hagens UVG grid application. Further reading The Atlantis Blueprint by Rand FlemAth Colin Wilson, AntiGravity the World Grid Ed. David Hatcher Childress, The World Atlas of Mysteries by Francis Hitchin, The Energy Grid by Bruce Cathie, and the Measure of Albion by John Michell and Robin Heath. Above The numbering system of the planetary grid nodepoints from the Russian research. Reprinted from The Ancient Stones Speak by David Zink. CONTENTS Introduction 1 The Earth 2 The Geomagnetic Field 4 Leys and Dragon Lines 6 Grid Beginnings 8 Dymaxion Maps 10 The Platonic Solids 12 Vile Vortices 14 Russian Discoveries 16 Bruce Cathie and UFOs 18 Putting it all Together 20 Interesting Points 22 Hartmann and Curry Grids 24 Landscape Geometries 26 Great Circles on Earth 28 The Prime Meridian 30 Locating the Centre 32 Measuring the Earth 34 Ancient Maps 36 Longitude Harmonics 38 Latitudinal Harmonics 40 Global Positioning 42 Golden Section Sites 44 The Shifting Grid 46 Earth Music 48 Geometry on Other Planets 50 Natural Grids 52 The Far Side of the Grid 54 Appendix I Gazetteer of UVG Grid Points 56 Appendix II Coordinates of Ancient Sites 58
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